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A slight case of overbombing.


 we-love-rain ☂☁

Today’s daily #tarot reading: The Ace of Swords:

"When lightning strikes the whole world seems to light up for just one second. Such is the power of the ace of swords. Your mind will become clear, your thoughts precise."

#dailytarot #thewildunknown #swords


WHITE NOISE (by Cassie Meder)

See the full look here: http://casstronaut.blogspot.com/2014/10/white-noise.html Instagram: @casstronaut Tumblr: casstronaut.tumblr.com Twitter: CassieMeder Facebook: facebook.com/castronaut Photo by Christine Shields.


clothing: ovate
jewelry: wolf & sadie | hunter gatherer chicago





Ghost Girl. Poet. Artist. Capricorn-Aquarius cusp. Opal eyes. Starlight hair. Bunnies. Yogi. Tarot. Spiritual Gangster. Desert Dreams. Vata. Cosmic explorer. Astrology. Shiny Soul Sparkling. Starquake.

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