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It’s chilly outside….the transformation is starting. I’m already yearning for my black wardrobe again. Like Persephone I change with the seasons 😱 #selfie #whitehair #helmutlang #gothninja #workflow #bighairdontcare

  1. nodamncatnodamncradle said: i know i say this a lot but JFC DUDE. J.F.C. diggin the helmut lang and return to gothninja <3
  2. lliminal posted this

Ghost Girl. Poet. Artist. Capricorn-Aquarius cusp. Opal eyes. Starlight hair. Bunnies. Yogi. Tarot. Spiritual Gangster. Desert Dreams. Vata. Cosmic explorer. Astrology. Shiny Soul Sparkling. Starquake.

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