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Stila BB Cream Update!!

So remember how I said I’d update y’all as to any long term/lasting benefits of Stila’s BB cream? Well I’ve been using it every day for about a week and even though that’s not necessarily long term, the effects are already super noticable!

The top picture is from yesterday at work after I applied a full face of it (please ignore how shitty and orange the lighting is but please do not ignore how awesome my spike-bun is…just saying)
The bottom picture is me with a clean face after waking up this morning.

I wake up in the mornings now and look at my skin and go “HOLY SHIT” because of how much better it looks! 
After only a week my skin is softer, not drying out as badly as it usually does, more even in tone, not as prone to redness, and overall more awesome. I’ve never understood when people say their skin looks like it’s “glowing” from the inside out before - but I certainly do now! I can’t think of any other way to describe it except that I wake up with fresh, soft, glowing skin!

So in case you missed it or were on the fence about buying it, I officially highly recommend* Stila’s Stay All Day 10-in-1 Illuminating BB cream

(*I love this stuff and it happens to jive really well with my skin that has been a problem child and rejected all other foundation-esque products. I can’t predict if it’ll be ideal for your skin type, but I do think that if you’re looking into getting a BB Cream, this is definitely worth at least trying on at your local Sephora or any other counter that carries Stila!)

(Also worth noting; the version I have says “illuminating”. That’s because it has a soft amount of shimmer in it that well…illuminates your skin and makes you look more dewy. If matte (or at least, not dewy/glowy) is your thing, never fear! They make one without it!)

Hooray playing with makeup! The first photo is the finished face taken in my brother’s room where the sunlight is different. The second two are the whole look (lipglass included) taken in my room where it’s overall brighter and a bit warmer toned.

  • Face: Stila’s Stay All Day 10-in-one HD Illuminating Beauty Balm
  • Eyes: MAC’s “Crystal Avalanche” and “Sweet Sienna” pigment. Urban Decay’s “Zero” (used as eyeliner). Lime Crime’s “Elf” pigment (second layer of eyeliner). Benefit’s “Bad Gal Lash”
  • Lips: MAC’s lipglass in “Explicit”

You can’t really see it using the iSight (and taking pictures of my face on my iPhone is impossible because I don’t have the rear-facing camera AND my brother has borrowed my real camera for this weekend) but I also tried the “layering eyeliner” trend. I put down a thin line of black eyeliner (instead of my usual thick smoky lines) and then a thin line of “Elf” right overtop of it - on the top and bottom lids.

But lets take a minute to talk about the BB cream.
If you know me/have read my makeup stuff before, then you know that foundation/face products and I are not really the best of friends. My skin dries out very easily and usually every product I use on my face seems to…cake or settle into the dry areas and begin to show after a few hours. 
Not this stuff. (Plus the Sephora employee who showed it to me pointed out a better technique for applying stuff to my face/a possible reason why all foundation has done that in the past - so I’ll have to try it with my other foundation too)

This stuff is lightweight, moisturizing, and sits on my face like a dream. Also, note the word “illuminating” in the title? It carries a subtle shimmer that, when exposed to more direct light, casts a wonderful diffusing glow over your face (note how glowy my skin looks in all the photos). It has SPF 30 and broad spectrum UVA UVB protection. 
For me, all of that sun protection was a majorly important factor. I’ve discovered that since I sit inside all day at work my skin is now super sensitive to sunlight. As in I took a car ride where the sun was shining on one side of my face the entire time and for a few hours afterwards my skin just….hurt. Not even sunburned hurt, just really painful.
(yes haha, make all the jokes you want about how I’ve literally become a vampire)

This is the first time I’ve worn it since I tried it on in the store and bought it about a week ago, so I can’t really speak to any long-term use benefits yet, but I will definitely expand upon them once I can.

The ONLY downside I see to this stuff is that it’s still ever so slightly too dark for my complexion. It didn’t look that way in the store (or the rest of the day) when I tried it on, so I think the problem may be that I put too much of it on today. If it keeps coming up too dark I’ll see what I can do about mixing it with a teeny bit of my other foundation. Hilariously, that one can come up a bit too light on me so maybe we’ll be able to meet in the middle.

To fellow BB Cream enthusiasts: Have you ever mixed a BB Cream WITH another foundation (i.e. mixed them together and then applied the mixture)? Or do you just add another foundation on top of it? Mixing a BB Cream and a foundation together won’t detract from the good stuff the BB Cream does for your skin, will it?
I’ve never mixed foundations before (though I know that’s not uncommon to achieve the perfect color for your face), so any tips/advice would be super appreciated!

This has been really long, so if you have any questions or anything feel free to inbox me. I shall end with the best makeup advice I’ve received in years:

Tip of The Day!: If you’re stumped about how to apply BB Cream (or just looking for a new way to do it/apply the foundation of your choice), here’s the lowdown - BB Cream is meant to be applied like moisturizer. The best way to apply it is to PAT it into your skin, not harshly rub it in.
It goes like this: put a small bit on your finger and lightly rub your fingertips of both hands together. Then, beginning in one area, lightly pat the cream onto your skin. Gently continue to pat working in a circular motion that gradually extends outwards in order to spread and blend the product over your skin. Repeat for your entire face and voila! Whisper-soft BB Cream coverage that sits delicately on your skin with a velvety smooth finish. 

I’m prepping so hard for work tomorrow. I am not a morning person, I need this shit laid out and ready to roll.

(Pictured: Maybelline Fit foundation, MAC Studio Finish concealer, Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, MAC Dollymix blush, Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara, Milani Cherry Pie lip liner, MAC Lady Danger lipstick, Revlon Cherry Tart lip butter, Smashbox concealer (I use it as eyeshadow primer), MAC palette, MAC Femme-Fi, Saturnal, and Solar White eyeshadows, Urban Decay Zero eyeshadow, Rimmel Exaggerate eye definer)

In case you ever wondered what goes on my face.

(Taken with Instagram)

Face of the day: Do-Over (6/12/12)
(click the images to enlarge them) 

This one was fun because it’s an updated version of the look I wore to the interview when I was hired with MAC as a freelance artist (which you can see here if you’d like). I always felt something was wrong with it, so I made it better, stronger, and more amazing.


  • MAC- Rice Paper (brow bone to lash line)
  • MAC - Blue Brown (lid)
  • MAC - Brown Down (outer crease)
  • Nameless Blue pigment (outer crease)
  • MAC - Solar White (inner crease, corner of eye, lower lash line)
  • MAC - Blacktrack fluid line (eyeliner on upper lid)
  • Rimmel - Exaggerate eye definer (waterline, lower lash line)
  • Rimmel - Sexy Curves mascara
  • MAC - Saturnal (eyebrows)


  • Maybelline - Fit Me foundation (Shade 110)
  • Bare Minerals - Mineral Veil
  • MAC - Dollymix


  • Lush - Sweet Lips exfoliator
  • MAC - Viva Glam II

Overall, I’d say it came out a thousand times better this time around. (Please excuse the uneven eyeliner. Fluidline and I are getting to know each other again.)
Tip of the Day: Always work to make your eyes pop. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes for some extra wowza

Today’s face (6/11/12)

This one doesn’t get a title or fancy description. It’s almost identical to yesterday’s face (I was kinda lazy) except:

  • No “Firespot” on the lids, only Femme-Fi, Time & Space, and Saturnal
  • No “Mayhem” on the lower lash line. Instead I used MAC’s “Solar White” for the lower lash line, and then blended it up into the inner crease to blend with Saturnal. I also used it as a brow highlight
  • On the lips is MAC’s “Viva Glam II”. It’s still a neutral, but it’s a more pink/mauve neutral

Tip of the day: If you’re looking for a good “highlight” shadow, go for MAC’s Solar White! It’s a creamy white pearl with lots of gold shimmer. It works with warmer shades and cooler shades, despite the gold shimmer. I love it to death and it makes your eyes go POP

Face of the day:  Gentle Simmer (6/10/12)

  • Eyes: MAC’s Femme-Fi (brow bone to lash line), Time & Space (lid), Firespot (outer corner of lid), Saturnal (crease), Mayhem (inner lower & upper lash lines). Urban Decay’s Zero (as eyeliner on top lash line). Rimmel’s Exaggerate eye definer (waterline and outer lower lash line) and Sexy Curves mascara
  • Brows: MAC’s Saturnal. 
  • Face: MAC’s Studio Finish concealer (NC15), Garnier BB cream, Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, MAC’s Dollymix
  • Lips: MAC’s Lady Gaga Viva Glam II lipglass

This is subtle and nice, but I like it. My camera didn’t accurately capture the punch the Firespot has, but again it was bad lighting.

I think I found my problem with Garnier’s BB cream. It is just a smidge too dark for my skin. But it’s the only foundation type product I’ve ever used that doesn’t dry out on my face midway through the day!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll try my other foundation, but put a generous layer of moisturizer on prior to applying it. Do you think that will help at all?

Since I’m going to try to get a job with MAC, I’ve given myself a “look-a-day” challenge. 
Don’t worry, I’ll post pictures. In fact, stay tuned for a picture of yesterday’s look. It’s not the best because the light was shitty, but you’ll get the idea.

  • "Lady Danger" - neutral/subtle eyes, flame red lipstick.
  • "I’m the Green Fairy!" - Urban Decay’s "Urb" and Lime Crime’s "Elf
  • "Blue Angel" - blue brown, Urban Decay’s "Goddess", turquoise accent creme
  • "La Lune" - lots of silver and ethereal shimmer.
  • "Dark Goddess" - smoky yet sophisticated eyes, dark lips (maybe black?)
  • "Sailor Moon" (requested by pandateeth) - yellow/gold/blue eyes, crescent moon, rosy cheeks w/glitter, red (blue base) lips
  • "Miss Nothing" - Taylor Momsen style heavy black eyes, but with a little more…sophistication (not that I don’t love her, but I think her signature makeup look could use some polishing).

Annnd that all I got right now. I’ll probably start a “makeup” tag and link to it from my front page. 

And yes, PLEASE send any requests for looks you want me to try to my ask box! I both welcome and appreciate them!!

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